Why Alcoholism is not addiction?

Are you a Drinker? Do you think you are addicted to Alcohol? Do you realize how badly it is affecting your day to day life when you think you are addicted to alcohol?

Let’s see unfold the real story behind this myth of being addicted to Alcohol.

In the recent centuries it is confined that the alcoholism can become addiction and acts as a disease for your body and mind.  It is basically a myth, yes it is, if we could prove that you are never been addicted to Alcohol then it is fairly clear that you are not diseased by it or addict to alcohol then it is easy to leave it or take it as needed basis.

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We are living in a stressful life you will agree to it.  Day by day depression and mental illness state make you drown towards mind altering substance and one of the most popular and usual one is Alcohol.  In usual days when stress ring the bell of your brain you take alcohol as a way out, but eventually this way out becomes so regular that you start to find this way every day that can be a start of getting addicted to alcohol.  Through this method the subject can revive himself/herself out that state for the time being.

But is it the one that resolve the issue behind the scenario?

There are typical methods and even doctors suggest that you can have 2 or 3 drinks per day.  We have to understand the fact that there are many body types and for some 2 or 3 is nothing but for others this can be a huge quantity that can even lead them towards the habit of alcoholism that can surely become an addiction or disease them.  It, not only kills the time, but it literally piles up the number of scenarios the person does not want to face.  Psychological effects of continues alcohol abuse can be seen in around 80% of cases where as the rest 20% are found to be having euphoric results.  So, it is totally clear that it depends upon the body type of yours how much you can consume by not making it a habit.  Just think about having alcohol every day and suddenly stopping it.  It can make you feel sluggish, exhausted, and hypo or hypertensive.

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There are several methods available to leave the path of being addicted.  You must choose your way out, in other words, it can be your wish to be drawn towards it or control the gesture and be sober.  The health and its maintenance are directly related to the fact that one must take care of him or herself.  Being sober means more energy and whosoever is concern will never get into addiction.  But if you are denying that fact of taking care of your own body means you are leaving it to those substances which can easily take over and get you into the position where you feel yourself dumped into the pit of overusing mind altering ways.  About alcoholism it is purely understandable that you can get in or out of it as you wish.  You just need to be in control and detoxify yourself when it is required by your body.  Detoxification method is the best way to control your body and overcome any sort of a problem, either it can be physical or mental.  It is easy to control a body and mind which is healthy rather it will be really hard for the one who is not taking care of it and making it even worse by taking alcohol.

Alcohol exactly is not the enemy of human; it is the human tendency to keep it for healthy purpose.  It is always easy to suggest the things.  Let’s take it this way; you are driver of your own car, now it is up to you because if you made your mind to crash your car then no one can stop that.  On the other hand, if you decided to be at a destination with a pleasant smile you will always take care of how you are driving.

Control, enjoying being sober, and being in positive state of body, mind, and soul will give you complete control over your life and feelings.  How you act on the life scenarios will give you the chance to react on them as well.  So if you are angry because of something you will also find yourself guilty later wards on the same subject.

Things to do:

Be in positive state.

Open your heart and mentality towards new achievement.

Take low points of life as sign of big improvements.

Control the habit of drinking till the extent of happiness.

Choose being sober on the time of confusing stages.

Always be motivated about your day to day life.

Follow the good vibes, meet new people, and share your experience of life.

These steps will make you and your mind think to be in perfect motion and senses where you will be able to take control of your whole life.  If you still feel you cannot control your habit and it is giving you the sign of addiction, meet the experts, talk to them or directly get in touch with us.  We would love to counsel you and put you on the right path according to the situation you are going through.  Vrehabs will always be there to help you.

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